Published: 11/16/2005
Page: 4A
Headline: YOUR VIEWS


Nitro should rebuild

Underwood Field

As a graduate of Nitro High School, I was appalled by the disparaging remarks recently made by Capital High School football coach Jack Woolwine in reference to Nitro High's football field and facilities.

It is easy for someone to judge another's facility when he has the luxury of using the county-owned Laidley Field, which was recently renovated thanks to the University of Charleston.

If the county would provide similar facilities to the rest of its schools, then everyone would be able to compete on the same level.

It is time for Herbert Hoover, Nitro, Riverside, St. Albans, Sissonville and South Charleston to receive adequate athletic facilities comparable to Laidley Field.

Since it is apparent that the Kanawha County Board of Education is not going to provide facilities for these communities, it is time for the residents of Nitro and Cross Lanes to come together and build a state-of-the-art facility that resembles Memorial Stadium in Ripley. If the community of Ripley can do it, so can we.

I have a vision for a new Underwood Field, and with the support of the community, businesses, and alumni it can be achieved.

It is time to kick off the Wildcat Capital Campaign and rebuild the football facilities at Nitro High. Contact the school or the athletic boosters and pledge your support.

Doug Meadows